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Solo Exhibition by Yooah Park

Mar 07, 2008-Mar 29, 2008

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Opening Reception: Friday, March 7th 6pm 8pm

Red Painting: 1983-7, Inju on liquid vinyl,

7.5 x 7.5 inches, 2007-8

ZONE: Chelsea Center for the Arts is proud to present the second solo exhibition of the gallery artist Yooah Park. This exhibition showcases the many facets of her recent work, as she takes her signature fusion of inherited Asian art forms and Western abstraction in excitingly new directions.

Park뭩 new work represents an imaginative leap forward, but this flowering is rooted in her understanding of traditional techniques. Trained as a brush painter, she is extending the gestural language of calligraphy into unexpected forms and mediums. In a suite of 100 small, square paintings Park abandons the brush; instead she finger paints directly onto the translucent, skin-like fabric of liquid vinyl, with the visceral intensity of an abstract Expressionist.

Her blood-red medium is Inju, concocted from cinnabar, perilla oil and cotton. The color and viscosity of the medium allude to sealing wax, colophon signatures and Gyong-myon-ju-sa, the red mineral pigment used in Korean Bujeok, talismans fashioned to ward off evil spirits. The mix of cinnabar, mercury and sulfur in Gyong-myon-ju-sa represents a balance between positive and negative forces. The delicate and potentially dangerous ritual of mixing diverse elements lives at the root of the ancient mystical science of alchemy.

Ceramics have historically been an integral part of Korean culture. For the current exhibition, Park has hand shaped 13 monumental porcelain rice bowls, symbols of renewal and vitality. These majestic vessels 32 inches in diameter, 14 inches tall engulf the exhibition space, but the delicacy of the celadon glaze makes them seem weightless. It is as if the free spirit within the clay had been liberated. The gentle irregularities of the bowls are eloquent reminders of the casting process in which dynamic natural forces are guided by the artist뭩 shaping hand and eye.

Yooah Park was born in Seoul, Korea and currently works and resides in New York City. She has exhibited extensively abroad, including Seoul, Paris, New York, Beijing, and Tokyo. Her largest exhibition 밯riting in the Void was shown at the Center for Architecture and Design in Mexico City and at the Central House of Artists Museum in Moscow. Several of her works are also in international art museum collections.

Korean News Channel YTN coverage

밯riting in the Void, Central House of Museum, Moscow, Russia, Center for the Architecture and Design, Mexico City, Mexico, 2006


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