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CAGE NAM JUNE, A Multimedia Friendship
Curated by Kenneth Silverman

Oct 05, 2006-Nov 03, 2006

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Photo: The John Cage Trust and the John Cage Collection, Northwestern University Music Library



As part of its Homage to Nam June Paik series, ZONE: Chelsea Center for the Arts celebrates the nearly thirty-five year association between Nam June Paik and John Cage-- two uniquely inventive and versatile creators.


In representing the association of these two joyously adventurous artists, ZONE: Chelsea Center for the Arts will exhibit representative scores, videos, music, drawings, photographs, writings, installations, video sculpture, objets sonores, and conceptual art. At the opening night performance on October 5, 7pm, the renowned Cage interpreter, Margaret Leng Tan, will celebrate the Cage-Paik legacy with her toy piano/toy instrumental Hommage John Cage/Nam June Paik. In addition to the opening night뭩 event, the gallery will host a panel discussion on October 19, 7pm. The panel consists of the Fluxus artist Alison Knowles, the dancer and dance historian David Vaughan, the vocalist/composer Joan La Barbara and the writer and critic William S. Wilson, four people who knew and worked with Cage and Paik.


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CAGE NAM JUNE New York Panel Discussion, moderated by Kenneth Silverman, October 19th 2006


Homage to John Cage/Nam June Paik by Margaret Leng Tan, October 5th 2006


Homage to Nam June Paik, performance by Sin Cha Hong, May 25th 2006



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