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Mixed Bag
Curated by Lee Everett and Natene Takeda

Nov 29, 2005-Dec 23, 2005

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ZONE: Chelsea, Center for the Arts is proud to present 밠ixed Bag, a selection of works in numerous media by Todd Anderson, John Cage, Dave Cohen, Molly Davies, Sangbin Im, S. Kang, Ray Kass, Takahi Kawanishi, KT. Kim, Jessie Mann, Jackie Matisse, Bruce McClure, Stanley Philoche, Fiona Ross, Samara Sussman, and Shimpei Takeda.  


As the title implies, the artists for the exhibition were chosen with multiplicity in mind, both in material and subject.  The artists selected represent a broad cross section of artistic practice in mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, film, and photography.  While many of the artists represented are young, many still considered to be emerging, a group of more established artists have also been included.  This is to allow a dialog to emerge between the younger artists, who are experimenting in their medium(s) of choice, and the established artists, who have been working in numerous media for many years.  

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