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Gustavo Aceves

May 10, 2005-May 21, 2005

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ZONE:Chelsea Center for the Arts is pleased to present Remains, an exhibition of new works by Gustavo Aceves.


Gustavo Aceves is a Mexican painter who has reached maturity in both his craft and his themes. Drawing, the starting point for his painting, evidences the influences driving his plastic exploration: fifteenth and sixteenth century mannerism, with its chiaroscuros, and the ever present male nude, as an element both expressive and metaphorical, in poses evoking tension, agony and the throes of death. The counterpoints of mass, volume and structure constitute the fundamental theme as if the work were a fugue in which plastic scales and values are layered one upon another.


Remains, is an intense, esthetic proposal that takes on the material fragmentation of the body before the strain of unavoidable finitude or the temporal spasm of time.  In a harmonizing compass of emerging forms and sublime strokes, Gustavo Aceves conceals the thick symbolic value and the congruent figuration, with the sole effect of formal abstraction.  Remains, is an exhibit where the breath results in an indispensable tool for observation.


Through his painting Gustavo Aceves has shown, decidedly, that he is not a colorist, but rather an architect of forms and volumes whose prime value is tone.  Through a dearth of color, earth tones and whites, he stresses form over appearance.


Gustavo Aceves lives and works alternately in Mexico and Europe.

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