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Curated by James Fuentes

Apr 21, 2005-May 05, 2005

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As the freshman class of 9/11, these students watched the Trade Center fall from the windows of their classrooms. Now, as they move into a marketplace which has developed an appetite for spontaneity, the authenticity of youth poses a new set of complications. For this generation, the certainty of earlier decades is not an option. In a performance which symbolizes the theme of the show itself, Michael Miritello will walk to the gallery opening from his parent's home on Long Island , the fourteen hour journey symbolizes the arduose path for young artists, from the comforts and stability of home and academia to the fiercely competitive realm of the New York Art World. Miritello knows precisely where he wants to go, however he chooses in this act of defiance and social sculpture not to take any shortcuts. A desk will be awaiting him at the opening reception whereupon arrival he will place his artist statement, take a seat and well deserved rest, and celebrate with his peers the fruits of their academic journey. Understanding that much work is yet to be done. This exhibition is a coming of age story, acceptance that this group is only but a swell amongst many waves of talent flowing through a vast ocean that is the international field of contemporary art, at least f'now.                                               



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